Monday, March 30

With Starter, Sylob helps PMIs start their Saa ERP in 4 days

Tarn editor Sylob, ERP specialist for small industrial companies, has just added an ERP offer to its already supplied catalog. This time it is a SaaS solution, hosted on AWS in France, which allows its customers to quickly master and deploy the basic functions of an ERP: order management, purchasing, sales, production, data techniques. Advanced functions – supply chain, planning, quality – are also offered.

Expert in management software for industrial SMEs, Sylob is launching a SaaS solution this time for start-ups and PMIs implementing their first ERP. The offering is hosted in the public cloud, specifically on Amazon Web Services datacenters installed in France. At Sylob, the well-named Starter offer was designed for companies seeking to rapidly deploy an application that fully provides them with the functions of an industrial ERP, says Sylob. The software covers the management of sales, purchases and stocks, production and technical data. It is true that the publisher located in Cambon d’Albi (Tarn) has always been a specialist in these solutions and knows at its fingertips the world of SMEs in the industry,

“We have many customers who are equipped with their first ERP (…). That’s why we have reworked our traditional deployment offerings and are offering a starter package in just a few days, “says Benoit Wambergue, product manager at Sylob. To do this, the publisher Tarnais organizes sessions of 2 hours to ensure a grip of the standard functions of the ERP. The goal is for the company to quickly capture a sales order, manage inventory and supplies. The software also adapts to companies working in project mode, to the business.

When the standard perimeter of the application is mastered by its client, Sylob offers long-term support on more advanced features such as supply chain control through the calculation of requirements, or the respect of deadlines by the customer. planning of production, quotes Benoît Wambergue as an example. Sylob also offers its services on the sales force’s support on the CRM, the scanning of the workshop by mobile scenarios and barcode or the quality improvement approach. “Starter is a very customizable product adapted to very specific processes of SMIs,” says the product manager.

It is now three years since the French company, created in 1991 by Jean-Marie Vigroux, was bought by Texan editor Forterro . The latter has made it a specialty to offer ERP solutions worldwide through offers not localized for a country, but designed from the outset by local publishers such as Sylob in France or SolvAxis in Switzerland. Its portfolio of solutions also includes the offer of Silog (Caen), Clip Industrie (Eguilles), BPSC (Chorzów in Poland) and Jeeves (Stockholm).