Thursday, February 27

With IQ, AWS offers expert support to small and medium-sized businesses

AWS launched the IQ program to connect customers with certified experts. These will help businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses, to solve some difficulties in the public cloud.

AWS launches the IQ service linking companies and certified experts.  (Photo credit: Emilio Quintana Pareja /

Customer service is often unobtrusive when it comes to public cloud. In general, companies go through providers or have in-house expertise to handle integration, configuration, and migration issues. But for SMEs, the question of support can arise.

To address this issue, AWS has launched a service called IQ that connects customers with certified experts. These help companies choose the right architecture for each workload, optimize them, create applications. They can even provide comprehensive help for setting up various AWS services.

Jeff Barr, an evangelist at AWS, explained in a blog post, “If companies of all sizes can use IQ, I think SMEs will find this service particularly useful.” He adds, “No matter the size of your business, IQ gives you the ability to quickly and securely find, select and reward AWS Certified Experts.

An opportunity for partners?

The service is already integrated for customers within their AWS account. To ask for help, simply describe your need in a few lines, see the certified engineers who can answer and then choose one and pay for it once the mission is over. On the other hand, the expert has a dashboard to manage his missions, create contracts, bill clients and receive his payments.

Such an offer can be an opportunity for partners such as consulting companies or freelancers. For AWS, the IQ service will help the IaaS vendor reduce the complexity of its solution catalog and provide answers to SMBs that are increasingly keen on public cloud services.