Thursday, February 27

Truffle 100 France 2019: a serious brake on growth

According to the latest ranking of the Truffle 100 France, the turnover of the software edition in France reached 9.3 billion euros in 2018. The rise over one year came out to just over 3 , 3%, well below the 13.9% of 2017.

With a few months lag compared to previous years, the Truffle 100 ranking of French software publishers has been published . In 2018, we learn that the growth of the turnover of software publishing in France was at the rendezvous (+ 3.33%) from 9 to 9.3 billion euros. Good news that should not hide a fairly significant slowdown in this increase compared to 2017 which amounted to 13.9%.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho technology

“French software publishing companies are still growing much less than their foreign counterparts, especially American ones (the 3% growth in publishing revenues of the Truffle 100 are pale compared to the 12% published by Microsoft a few days), “indicates in his ranking Bernard-Louis Roques, managing director and co-founder of the investment fund Truffle Capital. “If nothing changes in 5 years, the companies” made in France “of our top 100 may continue year in year to grow, and, hopefully, to be contributors in terms of employment. But in a sector where the battle is played internationally and in R & D, the question of their weight in the face of foreign competition arises ”

Headcount of French software publishers up 9%

Little change to report at the top of the list that does not move from one year to another with the same trio (Dassault Systèmes, Sopra Steria and Murex), knowing that Cegedim retrograde to the 5th place in favor of Cegid who passes 4th. Note also in the top 10 the entry of GFI Informatique in 8th place (versus 11th a year earlier) and also Claranova (10th against 12th in 2017).

If we take into account the evolution of total sales (and not only software) of French publishers in 2018 compared to 2017, growth is better (+ 7%) than that taking into account only software revenues, but here again it seems insufficient. “It is urgent to make every effort to prevent software publishing to be digital that the steel industry has been to industry”. While waiting to regain solid growth, the sector still continues to recruit. In 2018, the number of French software publishers increased from 129,300 to 140,900, an increase of nearly 9%. “61% of companies in the top 100 anticipate an increase of 5 to 15% of their turnover, and nearly 90 of them post their ambitions in terms of research or recruitment”, can we read in the study. In detail, 89% of the companies surveyed plan to increase their workforce, as much as their R & D projects and more than their international deployment (80%).

Cloud / SaaS top trends

Among the trends that drive the French software publishers market, cloud / SaaS comes in first (81%), largely ahead of mobility (39%), big data (36%), customer experience management ( 33%), IS security (29%) and IoT (20%). In terms of technological forecasts, French companies emphasize process management (53%), content management (41%), management and management of IT (28%), databases and tools. development (15%), security (14%) and the network (8%).