Monday, March 30

Salesforce brings Lightning Web components into open source

To extend the developer community building applications around its SaaS CRM solutions, Salesforce has released its Lightning Web components in open source. These include the ability to quickly design user interfaces. is looking to extend the use of its Lightning Web components by making them open source. This JavaScript framework is used to build applications on its Lightning platform, especially in low-code mode. This initiative will allow developers to design web components on the development stack of their choice, says California publisher specialized in customer relationship management solutions in the cloud. The announcement was made at its 4th Annual TrailheaDX Developer Conference in San Francisco, May 29-30.

Developers will be able to explore the source code of Lightning Web components, including for example the compatibility code between different web browsers, to customize them according to their own needs, says Salesforce. One of its objectives is to enable SaaS customers to be able to expand the field of recruitment of their developers with new skills.

Enjoy the contributions of the JavaScript community

The publisher also plans to build contributions from the JavaScript developer community to enrich the source code and define the roadmap for its Lightning Web components. Salesforce cites the example of a developer Node.js designing client engagement apps on Heroku that could then use its components to quickly create a standards-based user interface above its Node stack. He would then use the same framework to create the corresponding employee app in Salesforce. The lwc-create-app tool is available at and GitHub to install Lightning Web Components and create its first apps.