Thursday, February 27

OpenWorld 2019: Oracle automates all floors

Live from San Francisco . The 2019 Openworld vintage that opened in San Francisco is clearly geared towards automation. OracleLast year, this theme focused on databases and security, but today it extends it to other territories in the second generation cloud. “If the first generation of the cloud was the promise of pay-per-use, the second generation will be autonomy,” explains in the preamble of his opening speech, Larry Ellison, CTO of Oracle. Autonomy is essential according to him “to eliminate certain tasks performed by humans and avoid errors.” A way for the leader to indulge in his favorite sport, the AWS bashing. “On AWS, 100 million customers have been impacted by data breaches, and Amazon explains in its terms and conditions that customers are responsible for configuring access to AWS services.” At Oracle, “on cloud services,

Kết quả hình ảnh cho OpenWorld 2019

Autonomous Linux and enhanced security for Autonomous Database

While much of Larry Ellison’s talk was about comparing AWS offers and disassembling them, the leader did not forget to distil various ads. The first is the launch of Oracle Autonomous Linux, the first fully automated OS. It is able to provision, evolve, configure, update, monitor security and remediation autonomously. This point about security is important because the OS is “able to apply security patches without stopping the machines, it continuously manages the monitoring of the threats and the detection of exploits, analyzes the vulnerabilities in the third applications”, says Larry Ellison. And to cite the example of the Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities, “150 million patches were applied in Gen 2 Cloud in 4 hours out of 1, 5 million hearts, without stopping machines “. Migration to Autonomous Linux will be free for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) customers. For customers using the Red Hat offering, do not panic, “the applications will run on Autonomous Linux without modification,” Larry Ellison promises with the key “to stop paying support to IBM.”

The issue of security is still present on the database part with the Data Safe feature, a unified control center for monitoring security issues. It is able to evaluate configurations, user risks, detect sensitive data and hide data in case of intrusion.

Exadata X8M and greater elasticity in OCI

Advertisements were also featured around Oracle’s cloud offering. On Cloud at Customer, the hybrid cloud offer of Oracle, the novelty lies in the appearance of a version M (for memory) in version 8 of Exadata X. In addition to the latest processors, this version ships with persistent memory based on Intel’s Optane technology with the key a very low latency. On the public cloud side, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is hosting Microsoft SQL, a way for the CTO to tout the partnership with the Redmond firm. This partnership is intended to strengthen by developing new regions concerned by Interconnect links between Azure and OCI. In the same vein, Larry Ellison announced that Oracle will offer 36 regions on OCI against 25 for AWS.

To meet the requirements of elasticity and agility of the cloud, Oracle launches several services going in this direction. For example, the block storage has been renovated to embark more dynamism in the management of IOPS and pay only what is actually used (available by the end of the year). A spirit that can be found in the Elastic Instances offer, which makes it possible to modify the desired type of instance on both memory and storage (available in the first quarter of 2020).

Free offers to test and convince

At the end of his presentation, Larry Ellison drives the point to seduce the irreducible, the free to test and to some populations. For those who want to test, Oracle provides 2 stand-alone databases, computing resources (2xVM with 1 GB of RAM each), storage (100 GB in block mode, 10 GB in object mode and 10 GB in archive mode ), network capabilities and finally management tools. Free for unlimited time, says Oracle and is aimed at new and old customers, students, developers.

The firm is therefore coming out of great ways to attract customers, especially those of AWS. Party late to the cloud, Larry Ellison bet on the second generation of the cloud by focusing on automation and machine learning to make a difference. To see in the medium term if this bet is winning.