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Microsoft Secures Office Mail for Small Business with Mailinblack Maryse Gros , published on September 30, 2019

For SMEs, which are often less armed than larger companies with cyber threats, securing messaging is a priority. In this field, Microsoft France partners with Mailinblack to protect Outlook users.

Mailinblack strengthens the traditional messaging protection filters with AI anomaly detection and human authentication technologies, above. (Credit: Mailinblack)

Knowing how to eliminate spam by preserving legitimate email is the minimum service required of a corporate email. And as the number of malware, phishing and ransomware threats spread by e-mails increases, business users need more than ever a secure environment for their exchanges. To help SMB customers sort the wheat from the chaff on their Office 365 cloud applications, MicrosoftFrance has just teamed up with Mailinblack, the French publisher of anti-spam and anti-virus solutions. The latter is now part of the partners of its Azure cloud guaranteeing data hosted in France and RGPD compliance. Mailinblack’s Human Lock Security System, enhanced by human authentication, uses artificial intelligence to classify emails and detect anomalies. AI comes here to complement the traditional arsenal of filters used to protect email: sender domain validation, recipient existence, rDNS, RBL, SPF, antivirus, anti-spoofing technology.

The studies cyber security experts have shown that SMEs were not spared and the cost of an attack could range from several tens to hundreds of thousands of euros in some cases. Together, the two publishers aim to reach 3.8 million SMEs in France, including 500 by the end of the year. This agreement will also allow Mailinblack to address the healthcare sector, Microsoft France obtained a year ago the certification of health data hoston the territory (HDS). The American publisher will also provide marketing support to its partner in an international context, as well as that of its ecosystem. A complete email security package will be offered to SMEs, local authorities and French and international hospitals.

Collaboration around IA technologies

Last July, Marseille publisher Mailinblack raised 14 million euros from Entrepreneur Venture, which supports SMEs in developing their structures and their strategic choices. The company created in 2003 by Damien Neyret has 9,000 customers, both companies and the public sector. As part of the partnership on Office 365, the French publisher will also work with Microsoft to strengthen its laboratory AI with the cognitive services of Azure, says Laura Maret, Director of Sales and Marketing Mailinblack, in a statement.