Monday, March 30

Google services down for 5 hours this weekend

Even the services and technologies of the largest IT providers are not infallible. On Sunday night, Google’s service users may have run into trouble. If Mountain View’s applications were directly impacted (YouTube Gmail, G Suite, etc.), other mainstream consumer services were also impacted such as Snapchat, Discord, Buffer or Spotify. Potentially, any other application that uses Google Cloud technologies.

On the dashboard of its Cloud Platform in real time , Google said that a problem occurred on Compute Engine around 12:30 on the Pacific coast (21:30 in France) Sunday, June 2. About an hour later, the supplier pointed to a network congestion problem in the eastern United States, causing sluggish platform loads and intermittent errors. Although these worries have more impacted the United States, the west of Europe has also been affected by this inconvenience.

The problem was announced as resolved at 17:09 on the east coast of the United States (3:09 in France). A deeper internal investigation into the causes of this network congestion is underway at Google.

Mindsay raises € 9m to deploy its chatbots in Europe and the United States

Chatbots are popular. Which is not to displease Mindsay. This French start-up, founded in 2016, develops a suite of SaaS tools based on conversational artificial intelligence (Chatbots & Voicebots). It has just completed a series A round (€ 9 million), led by White Star Capital (a North American investment fund), its historical shareholder Partech and two of its customers, Groupe ADP and Accor. Mindsay had already raised € 1.1 million in 2017.

The company has grown more than 300% in the past year and plans to recruit 100 people in the next 18 months to keep pace. The Mindsay R & D team is also investing in the reinforcement learning model that allows conversational assistants to improve from user conversations to increase the performance of their tools.

SNCF and Disneyland among the customers

Note that Mindsay is the new identity that society has created. Previously known as Destygo, it was more oriented towards a clientele specializing in tourism with major accounts such as Iberia, Vueling, Vinci Airports in Lyon, RATP, SNCF, or Disneyland. Faced with the popularity of its products, the company decided to expand its offer to retail, and thus become Mindsay. This event will also help to promote this new brand. But also to expand its business across the Atlantic. Already present in Belgium, the United Kingdom and Spain (with an office in Madrid), Mindsay intends to strengthen in Europe and conquer a customer base in the United States.