Monday, March 30

Dropbox: storage, features and prices up

Dropbox was feeling generous in late May. And announcement doubles its storage capacity for all its subscribers. Plus customers now have 2 TB available, the Professionnal, three. Standard subscribers will soon switch to 5TB. And the publisher of this storage and file sharing platform also launches three features that will be available to all subscribers.

The first, named Rewind, is a history of document versions and deleted file recovery tool. For a minimum of 30 days, all files that pass through a user who has been accidentally modified or deleted can be found by connecting to the Dropbox platform. This backup function is extended to 180 days for Professional clients. Standard and Advanced are for the moment 120 days of history but will soon be 180 also.

Automatic synchro and protection filter

Then, Smart Sync is available to all subscribers, and automates the recording and updating of documents in all the spaces where they are present. “Instead of manually marking files and folders online only when you finish a project, we’ll do the work for you,” says the publisher in a blog post . “As always, everything will always appear in Windows Explorer and macOS Finder – by double-clicking on an online file only, you will automatically download it to your hard drive. ”

Finally, Dropbox thinks of its majority clientele, namely the graphic design and artistic creation professionals, and provides them with a watermark tool. Accessible to Professional and soon to Standard and Advanced, the tool can simply add a layer automatically to the name of the brand of the customer on its production, allowing him to protect his work. “On, you’ll have the option to turn on the watermark, which will overlay your name and date on any JPEG, PNG, BMP, or PDF file,” says the company.

The Plus plan will increase to € 11.99 per month (€ 119.88 per year), but existing Plus subscribers will benefit from the new features at their current rate until the end of their current billing cycle. This is an increase of € 2 compared to the previous monthly rate of € 9.99 per month. After that, they will switch to this last tariff structure. Ditto for the Professional version at € 19.99 per month (€ 198.96 per year) and Standard Team packages at € 12 per month (€ 120 per year) and Advanced at € 18 per month (€ 180 per year) will receive these next updates without changing their current rates.