Monday, March 30

Anaplan accompanies its customers with a zest of AI

Thanks to its market understanding and constant innovation, Anaplan has been able to impose its vision of connected financial planning and help companies develop a more mature approach to their processes. And with the use of AI, the publisher expects to accelerate their decision-making.

Now listed on the stock market, with a valuation of approximately $ 4.9 billion, Anaplan continues its development with more comfortable working conditions since its installation in a wealthy building on West 33rd Street in San Francisco. The connected planning specialist, as the company now stands, is showing an insolent growth of +43% from one year to the next (2019 versus 2018) with a turnover of 243 million dollars (see infographic ci -Dessous).

Nearly 72 million employees could work with the planning and dynamic budget financial analysis solution according to a Nucleus Research study. So the publisher is still struggling – just like its competitor Workday now owning Adaptive Insights, to encourage Excel users to discover its platform. Anaplan also told us that its customers nowadays go beyond simple financial use. There are other factors of progress such as the acceleration of decision making, the automation of certain tasks, the digital transformation of the company, anticipating the future … One can also mention the optimization of the allocation of resources and the conversion of strategies into actions.

AI to assist clients

As the leader in this market for cloud computing and financial analysis solutions according to Gartner’s latest Quadrant Magic , Anaplan has significantly expanded its offering with vertical approaches in the areas of logistics, HR and commercial organization. Finally, commitments in AI, process automation and even blockchain technologies are now highly anticipated by customers as explained by Subrata Chakrabarti, Vice President of Product Marketing.

“We are working on technical optimizations to help customers find the most suitable solution among models created with the help of machine learning enriched with the uses of customers.” Asked about the use of other AI algorithms in the planning solution, the leader told us that the AI ​​was well used, but in an understanding of planning to know which processes could be automated, what recommendations could to be pushed.